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I’m not a ninja, but I do have nun-chuck skills.
I am a photographer because I want to make some kickass photos.
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...

Jerry Rodriguez... Who am I?

Husband. Father. Teacher. Photographer. And......

I like pizza, NY style but I will suffice with Little Caesars
I am clumsy, thats why I have camera insurance
I will always crack a joke, but it may be crude
Although born in the US, somehow I have an accent
I am horrible with my sentence structure and my wife always corrects me
A father of 3....which means I have gray hair
I am a teacher in a school that's like the high school in "Dangerous Minds"
I have a degree in sports medicine but I don't stretch properly
I used to dunk... really...not a real ball, but a tennis ball
For fun I used to race thru forests and waterways for up to 18hrs at a time. 


Kids home made awards for best dad and photographer


Owner/Founder of iShoot-Sports....  Professional sports photgraphy for youth leagues... YMCA of South Hampton Roads, i9 Sports, American Youth Football & local city youth sports leagues